When building your dream home, we understand why you want every detail to be perfect. This is the place you’re going to be making memories for years to come, and having a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional is important. These clients were hoping to achieve a particular flair in their dream kitchen, and the builder knew that we would be the right team for the job.

Our technical team created a flawless product using our cutting-edge CNC woodworking machines. The key was to fill the walls and cabinets with storage, and we were able to make everything fit seamlessly. By the end, the white high gloss cabinets complemented the tall ceilings, while the zebrawood gloss island and fridge cabinets enhanced the quartz countertops. The clients were overwhelmed by the final result, and could not wait to create memories in their dream kitchen.

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Renovations can be chaotic. They can often take a very long time, and all you want is for the job to be done right the first time. That’s why this client brought us in for his third renovation. He had to relocate for work, and knew that he could trust us after perfecting both his and his father’s kitchens in the past.

We sent a team to the new house to do measurements and fix potential problems. Once properly measured, we worked with the client to design a 3D version of his kitchen so he could visualize what we were about to build. He was then able to walk around our extensive showroom and pick colours and materials according to his clean tastes.

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Retirement is the stage of your life where you can finally relax. You have worked so hard for this moment, so it’s important that you are comfortable. That’s why our clients were building a new dream home that was better suited for their retirement years. They were referred to us by the building developer because they had an unusual request. They did not want to part with the kitchen in their first home and wanted a replication. At CR Technical, we specialize in custom woodworking projects, so we were the right people for the job.

We use a highly technical process when designing and building any project. Using old photos and new measurements, our team used 3D software to design the kitchen in real time for the client. They were then able to pick out the same door styles and colours in our extensive showroom. We then used our state-of-the-art CNC machines to precisely build each part of the kitchen so every piece would fit perfectly.

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Yes, your kitchen can look this good, too.



CR Technical Woodworking began in 1999 with only 3 employees. Since then we have grown to over 30 full-time employees and have been continuously striving to be on the leading edge of service for our residential and commercial clients.



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